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Your success demonstrates our success, so let's talk about you and your business...

How many of these points describe you (our ideal customer)?

  • You're a small local business owner or entrepreneur and want to increase the visibility of your business on the web.
  • You have a Facebook page for your business and you engage with your fans on a regular basis.
  • You're aware there is an increasing amount of prospects that browse online using mobile devices who will exit a website if it is not optimised for mobile viewing.
  • You use search engines such as Google to find products or services you want to buy and you know your prospects do too. You want customers to find your website and not your competitors' when searching your type of business.
  • You know Yellow Pages doesn't cut it anymore and that most of your prospects and customers are looking for you online.
  • You want to take an active role in marketing your business online because you understand you'll get the best results combining your passion about your business and your customers with our passion for delivering a quality integrated online presence for small businesses.
  • You're fed up paying a fortune to a techie when you have to update your website with new contact information, new content, a photo of your new products or a blog post.
  • You hate prospecting and would rather customers find you than have to go find them yourself.

If you agree with one or more of these statements Sqwiz gives you a major advantage: an instant, mobile-friendly website using your existing Facebook content. Plus it is extremely easy to edit or add to that content at any time.

To your success,

The Sqwiz team

P.S. In case you really do want to know more about us, check out our "aha" moment below ;)

Our “Aha!” moment

Facebook was only three years old when we started our mission to help small businesses succeed online. Since then we have crafted hundreds of websites, Facebook applications and other online solutions that connected with thousands of users through our clients' online channels.

The "aha" moment for Sqwiz came when we saw a new pattern in small business online behaviour. We call it a "Facebook first" approach. The Facebook first approach means more and more new and existing small businesses, without an online presence, get started with a business page on Facebook and then set up a standalone website later on.

Sqwiz gives those businesses leverage to use all the existing content they already have on Facebook to instantly create a website and publish it on their own domain in under five minutes.

As our customers agree, a website on your own branded domain is the hallmark of a real business.

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