Quickest Start

Sqwiz is the formula 1 vehicle for creating websites

You'll take less than a minute to build your mobile-ready website. One click and the content on your existing Facebook page is transformed into a modern website. We suggest you prepare a chilled champagne. It's guaranteed you'll feel like a winner with your new website.

Easy to Use

Sqwiz is the new word for simplicity

Editing your website is a breeze with our drag-and-drop editor. Writing and text editing is as simple as using Word. Upload photos from your computer or just transfer them from your Facebook page. Other elements such as a location map, working hours, contact forms, etc... can be added with a single click.

Stunning designs

Even da Vinci would use Sqwiz for designing a website

Design is by far the first thing your users will notice. All our modern designs are easily personalized. Choose your preferred color, pick a perfect background image or pattern and spice up your website with your preferred character font.

Facebook connect

Sqwiz hangs out on Facebook 24/7

Why would you do things twice if Sqwiz can do it for you? Sqwiz is constantly connected to your Facebook Page. Import any (or all) your wall posts and photographs to your website as news or galleries. A simple click is all it takes.

Phone and tablet optimised

Carry Your Sqwiz Page in Your Pocket

Already a third of website visits are made on a mobile or tablet. These visitors tend to leave non-mobile optimised websites much sooner than mobile-friendly ones. Remember, an unhappy visitor means a lost customer.

SEO optimised

Sqwiz is easy to find. You don't need to be Sherlock Holmes.

No visitors, no sales.

Sqwiz automatically optimises your website to make it more attractive to Google, Bing and other search engines. Sqwiz's built-in SEO features helps your website gain higher positions in the search engines.

Social Networking

Sqwiz has Great Connections.

Your website is by far the most important part of your online presence. But it's not the only part. For a complete online presence actively engaging in social media is key. That's where Sqwiz makes it easier - it integrates with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest ...

Preview now! Publish now!

Let Sqwiz Do All The Hard Work For You

Your time is precious. You'll save a great deal of it when you let Sqwiz work its magic. What's even better... you can preview your website while you are tweaking it. When you're ready, tell Sqwiz to publish your website immediately. Just click "Publish" and you're done.

Cloud Hosting

It's always sunny using Sqwiz. Even on a cloudy day.

Your website must be available 24/7. Sqwiz is built on a reliable advanced cloud server infrastructure. Powerful Microsoft Azure servers ensure your website is secure and open for business at all times in all conditions.

The best support

Sqwiz is a machine. We are not.

Need help building a website or using Sqwiz? Don’t worry. Our support team is eager to answer your questions and solve your problems. You can reach us at support@sqwiz.com